Femme Feed | What You Need to Know About Trump’s Exit From The Paris Climate Agreement.

What You Need to Know About Trump's Exit From The Paris Climate Agreement. NOW ON VERITE PUBLISHED --- Obama, Trump, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, Paris Agreement, Climate Change, Global Warming, Obama Letter To Trump, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Politics, Feminism, News.A few months back, we can recall a slip of naiveté — a time just before the election of the now President Trump when the world tried to justify the possibility. For a moment many of us thought: maybe Trump is trolling these Republicans, and if elected will funnel efforts in the right direction. The ultimate manipulation, something we knew he was capable of. Our way of trying to make things orderly in our minds. However, the months have passed and Trump’s efforts to dissemble everything Obama built (in an almost obsessive manner) continue. The latest? On Thursday June 1st, Trump announced the United States will exit The Paris Climate Agreement and the U.N.’s Green Climate Fund.

What does this even mean?

Let’s start by what it even is. The Paris Climate Agreement was established in 2015 with strong efforts by former Pres. Obama to join its 195 participating nations in a common goal to combat climate change. Amongst these efforts is the Green Climate Fund which invests into low-emission and climate-resilient developments.
In choosing to remove the U.S. from the fight against global warming Trump only pushes his personal beliefs further, at the expense of our earth — he has publicly denounced the issue many times including calling global warming a “Chinese hoax” and saying “I believe in clean air… I don’t believe in climate change.”
He removes a huge power player in monetary, and organized efforts to forward this agreement. This leaves us in a place where each individual must take clean initiatives into their own hands. Organizations, and businesses able to push progress in funding these programs must now take responsibility where the government has failed.What You Need to Know About Trump's Exit From The Paris Climate Agreement. NOW ON VERITE PUBLISHED --- Obama, Trump, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, Paris Agreement, Climate Change, Global Warming, Obama Letter To Trump, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Politics, Feminism, News.

The backlash has already rippled through social media, and even Obama has released an open letter speaking to the detriment this exit will bring. Other leaders such as Justin Trudeau, and Angela Markel have also added their feelings towards the tension-filled move.  Further the new French President has extended an offer to leading American scientists, and  its public to continue to join them in working towards a solution. Trump doesn’t just ruin this for American’s, but for all nations involved.

The kicker?

This exit won’t take full effect until the year 2020 when Trump will be up for re-election. It looks to us as if he’s already planting seeds he hopes will satiate his next campaign’s support from like-minded individuals.

What we can do…

Individually we can help fight back. We’ve all heard it before, but now more than ever it’s time to trade in accessibility for action. The biggest ways to aid are things like taking public transit, biking, or walking instead of driving. Car-pooling (hey, Uber and Lyft) can also help you do your part. Mainly we must not forget: His own ignorance is only going to harm us now. Further, educating ourselves – as always – is the first step to creating change!


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Femme Feed | Size Matters, Facts Don’t: A Look at Trump’s First Speech & Why Its Details Are So Important!


Femme Feed | Size Matters, Facts Don’t: A Look at Trump’s First Speech & Why Its Details Are So Important! -- Verite Published --- Donald Trump, America, Politics, Women's Interests, Facts about Trump, Trump's First Speech, World Issues, Feminism.
Words by Contributing Politics Editor Debra Trevino.

Donald Trump is President. The man, who during his campaign, insulted Mexicans, Muslims, Women, and the Disabled — just to name a few — currently holds the highest office in the land. A look at Trump’s first speech & why its details are so important!

Friends I know (or thought I knew) — reassured me that they didn’t vote for the man per se, but for the conservative party he represents now. A pro-lifer felt it was her Christian duty to vote for a man who would end abortion by appointing an anti-abortion Supreme Court nominee who would eventually end Roe V. Wade, and that, above everything else, justified her vote for him.

She and other Trump supporters told me not to take him literally on some of the ‘pussy grabbing’ and other controversial statements he would throw out at rallies or said on tape years ago, because that’s not what he represents.

Okay, let’s see what the ex-campaigner, now President, Trump’s first few weeks of actions say about him and his new administration, starting with his first words as President:

The ‘Only America First’ inauguration speech: Setting The Tone

Trump’s speech starts off strong by thanking ‘Chief Justice Roberts, President Carter, President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, fellow Americans, and people of the world’ – so basically he thanks everyone. Great, this is good; maybe he can really put all that political mudslinging behind him and really unite America!

But that lasts only 15 seconds.

He then goes on to blast the government (sitting behind him), as having ‘reaped the rewards while the people have born the cost’, lamenting how ‘the rusted out factories’ closed, scattered like tombstones across the nation’.  How the ‘establishment protected itself,’ and how horrible it is that our ‘mothers and children [are] trapped in poverty in our inner cities, the very sad depletion of our military’, and how ‘America’s infrastructure has fallen into disrepair and decay.’

By painting this awful landscape of America, he vows to, then, of course, ‘Make America Great Again’, which the audience eats up. I get it; who doesn’t want their personal struggles to be heard, their bank accounts full, their jobs secure, to feel safe, to have an easy enemy to blame for their problems?

If you already see him as your savior, he can do no wrong in your eyes. He’s the answer you’ve been looking for. If he’s a bad guy, then you’re a bad guy for voting for him. You can’t believe that, so now you have to believe everything he says and does. And that’s where denial digs deep, becoming particularly insidious.

Because he’s got you now – hook, line, and sinker.
Femme Feed | Size Matters, Facts Don’t: A Look at Trump’s First Speech & Why Its Details Are So Important! -- Verite Published --- Donald Trump, America, Politics, Women's Interests, Facts about Trump, Trump's First Speech, World Issues, Feminism.Anyone else that disagrees with him or his administration – the press, protesters, acting attorney generals, etc. – are now the enemy. And they aren’t just his personal enemies, but enemies of America and democracy, itself!

“From this moment on, it’s going to be only America First.”

Trump ad-libbed the ‘only’ in his pre-written speech co-written by white nationalist and chief strategist Steve Bannon and senior adviser Stephen Miller. This is an important distinction. ‘Only America first’, basically means, too hell with the rest of the world.  We’re better than you.

This sentiment was not only mirrored but exacerbated a few days later when Trump’s newly appointed Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, made a statement at the UN headquarters:  “For those that don’t have our back, we’re taking names, we will make points to respond to that accordingly.”

‘Taking names’? This is the United Nations we’re talking about here. She’s an ambassador. Her job is to be diplomatic and co-operate with the rest of the world to solve crises in order to prevent another World War from happening again. World peacekeepers don’t ‘take names’, threaten, order other countries around, or have the authority to do so in this organization.

So what are we to make of this tone setting? A tone of doom and gloom and only one person who you can trust implicitly to save you, despite facts to the contrary?

Pay attention. Tone matters. Words matter. Facts matter.

History matters.

Connect the dots when you see them. Be vigilant. Trust your own eyes and ears because they will and have already begun to lie to us

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Femme Feed: Everything You Need To Know About What Went Down at The First Presidential Debate

Everything You Need To Know About What Went Down at The First Presidential Debate --- Verite PublishedThe first of this year’s presidential debates kicked off last night, and armed with wine, we watched (no, cringed) our way through a lot of side-eyes and finger pointing from the Candidates. We are here this morning to break down exactly what went on last night for those of you who either didn’t tune in, or are still scratching their heads wondering if that got us anywhere…

Mo Money Mo Problems

The economy was a hot topic at last night’s debate, and while Hillary Clinton had some zingers like coining the phrase “Trumped up, and trickle down” in reference to Donald’s plans for the economy, he in return seemed to be confused about the question. He reverted back to Trump-as-business-expert talking about his own, threw some shade at Hillary for “telling us how to fight Isis on her website” (off topic?), and then concluded with the fact that we must stop letting other countries steal our jobs. Hillary helped try to shed some light on the topic for Big T, saying maybe he was confused because he’s never paid any income tax. Her focus stayed on equal pay between genders, and profit share.

Go For Your Guns

The candidates had a good chat about how they promise to secure America, and it went a lot like this: Hillary threatens hackers, Trump wants to bring back the stop-and-frisk, Hillary wants black communities and law enforcement to reconcile their differences. Trump was also not ready to drop his whole Hillary/ Isis conspiracy.

What A Time To Be Alive

The future of America was also a big topic, when candidates weren’t straying into broken record areas like the Obama birth conspiracy which was recently put to rest. Trump also shared that he allows black communities to hold membership at his golf club in Florida, and patted himself on the back for it, as if it were some kind of progressive achievement.

B*tches Ain’t Shit but Hoe’s & Tricks

Hillary got to have a little satisfaction when she looked Donald in the eye and ran off his laundry list of misogynistic moments. He fumbled around trying to say they were out of context, but still looked like a jerk when he resurrected the whole Rosie O’Donell subject, and still couldn’t muster anything nice to say after all this time.

0 to 100 Real Quick / The Catch Up

Overall, we don’t think last night was really a trophy winner for either of the candidates, though when DT accused Clinton for not going on press tours, she got to fight back with the fact that she was busy being razor focused on these debates — “I prepared to be president”. Mic drop. The real issue that last night highlighted was the incessant gas lighting from Trump towards Hillary that he just can’t seem to shake. What stuck with us the most was when Trump accused Hillary’s ads of “not being very nice” towards him. It only underlined the issue further that while male candidates seem to have free reign to be ruthless, female candidates are supposed to act ‘lady-like’. We doubt you would see a bunch of male candidates whining that they were hurting each others feelings on debate day. Trump’s only weapon so far to combat Big Hill seems to be tugging on the innate sexism of so many of his supporters, rallying them up against her by pointing out the ways she has faltered at ‘being a women’. As we come so close to having a female leader, we can’t help but hang on to the fact that although sometimes well masked, the gender slant is alive and well behind the podium.






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The Planned Parenthood Debate | What You Need To Know

women, girls, womens rights, planned parenthood, stand with pp, human rights, America
Ever wonder why it still feels like such a fresh struggle as we fight for equality as women? It was only 40 years ago that we gained our rights to our own bodies — and we are very much still battling to keep them. While Planned Parenthood goes through its current trial for funding, we think it important that the situation be understood in its entirety. Read on for our list of hot points when it comes to the Planned Parenthood debate and why it matters.

Politically Speaking…
After a little organization called the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released incriminating videos pining Planned Parenthood for gaining profit off the sales of fetus, the government flew into investigation to determine whether they should still fund the organization. The final decision has still yet to be defined for the congressional budget.

In an investigation spearheaded by the Planned Parenthood organization, the videos were found to be altered by the CMP. Its chairman David Daleiden was asked to comment on this, however has not responded to the congresses questions.

Currently, the White House has the option to continue funding the organization which has given men and women across the country family services — as well as health services much beyond abortion — or disperse that funding among other health care facilities that also offer similar services. However, we have to reinforce that Planned Parenthood does not discriminate its services to any incomes, with or without insurance.

Deep Cuts…
In certain states (Connecticut, we’re looking at you) health payments have been slashed for doctors who treat lower income women, leaving them with little to no options when it comes to care. These are the kinds of actions that prove that as the female population — those who bare children, and deserve the highest care while doing so — we are still being slanted in rights that should be non-negotiables.

Planned Parenthood currently receives $528 Million a year from the government in funding, and while this legally does not go to abortion, it funds the other very necessary aspects of the organization that aid women and families of all incomes to receive the treatments they warrant.

The Guilt Factor…
We as women have been pushed into a corner brimming with guilt. Our choices are left wavering regardless of what’s best for our own life. If you choose to be the breadwinner in your family, you are discriminated for not spending enough time with your children. If you have compromised your career to be a stay at home mother, the same will come to you in its own ways. If you choose abortion, even more so you are ridden with guilt put on you by these continuous debates. It is time that we break down these cloaks of disgrace and shed light on the fact that our lives and ourselves are to be done with as we see fit.

While we can only hope that the current debate ends in the favor of women and Planned Parenthood it is continuously (broken record moment) a bigger issue. Why are we still not funding abortion? Planned Parenthood does provide this service, however in a very small quantity of locations making it extremely difficult for those who have made that decision for their bodies to undergo the procedure. Only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortion, coming out to 327,653 abortion procedures in 2014. Many of these occasions causing patients to travel a hefty distance to do so, this is not only an additional cost, but an added discomfort. The reality is, the organization is not the only one that provides these services, and eliminating it will not stop women from undergoing the procedure. We have been taught resourcefulness, there will always be a way. Again, 40 years ago we gained our rights to our bodies, only not all of them.

We stand Planned Parenthood.

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